Friends Around you

Today, I met with an associate who has been an invaluable resource , Joe Zygarlinski. He is a friend and Whorton Insurance agent for years. Joe has not only spent hours explaining my insurance features and how they apply to my circumstances, he and his wife have also been caring and provided emotional support through my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Joe has worked with probably hundreds of people diagnosed with cancer over the last couple of decades. He has also spent time with me looking at my blog and giving me feedback about the struggles he has seen people endure and what could have helped them. This was all to help me build my breast cancer coaching practice.

Who is around you at work, in your neighborhood, or in your circles that could be of help and support? Reach out to them and ask them for a little time to talk with you. I bet they’d be more than happy to. Then, you could feel a little more support!! Joe, told me right away when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, “Nancy, I know you may not want to, but you need to let people help and you need to reach out to people you are close to.” That was the first and most important piece of advice I received about how to get through this journey well!!

Thank you, Joe!!

Thank you

We all grow up differently, with different families, traditions, and norms. In my family we were raised with the notion of “keeping things in the family”, whether that was joys or heartaches. Luckily, however, I learned the value of community! Though, honestly, it has been a learning process to fully embrace and engage with communities surrounding me.

One of my communities is my business networking group, ABRA . And, through my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, the members in my group have been very supportive! Today, I want to thank Jim Nosler at Publications Resources for his support in my journey with breast cancer. They provide promotional products and branded items for associations. His team helped create my business cards and he graciously printed the cards as well! Thank you, Jim!

My new business cards!