Support from Service Providers

Finding and working with excellent services providers has been a critical component of my success through breast cancer treatment. Those providers that we see regularly or can call when needed can be a brace to bolster you up throughout treatment and help keep you strong and as healthy as possible.

Through my diagnosis with breast cancer and treatment I have researched, talked to friends, sought out solutions that fit with my values and the experience I wanted to have on this journey, and I planned a lot. Part of this work has been a tenacious drive to find what and who could help me not only SURVIVE BREAST CANCER, but be strong, happy, and THRIVE through this journey.

In this post, I want to share two of the service providers who have heros and invaluable in my journey so far. The first person, Dr. Glen Luepnitz and his team at N4H Research, provide nutritional counseling and evidence-based supplements. I first learned about Dr. Luepnitz years ago from couple women at my daughter’s school. Then, I came concerned about an aspect of my health and met with. Since my first meeting with him years ago, I’ve learned about more friends who speak highly of his work. A year ago I called on Dr. Luepnitz again when my blood pressure started raising. It was so easy to work with him over the phone. He helped me with evidence-based information and provided nutritional supplments to help. Then, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer at this beginning of this year, naturally, I contacted him. He gave me an exercise, nutrition, and supplement regimen, which I believe have all helped me thrive through chemotherapy! Dr. Luepnitz is brilliant! He is intelligent, intuitive, and caring. The team at N4H Research are kind, responsive, and thorough. They have definitely been critical to my physical and mental success through this troubling diagnosis.

to be continued…

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